Forum DO'S and DON'T's - MUST READ!!!

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Forum DO'S and DON'T's - MUST READ!!! Empty Forum DO'S and DON'T's - MUST READ!!!

Post  Admin on Fri Dec 19, 2008 11:24 am


1) Respect other users
2) Post in a polite manner
3) Try to help wherever possible
4) Not forget to enjoy yourself
5) Use the report button for violations of the CoC/Spam
6) Use descriptive thread titles & be descriptive about your problem
7) Read all these DO's & DON'T's
8] Avoid using terms like "M$ Microshaft" etc.
9) Avoid double posting whenever an edit will do
10) Read the stickies.
11) Search to see if there's already a solution
12) Mark your thread as solved if it is! (See here for how)
13) Try to follow up your thread with a solution or a fix if you found one. Chances are that it will be useful to others.


1) Insult other member(s)
2) Try to circumvent the language filter using *'s and numbers etc.
3) Tell others to "RTFM" or such other comments
4) Create multiple threads on the same subject (even in different sub-forums)
5) Make posts like
6) Spam the forums!!!
7) Use txt lng in ur postz no1 likez 2 read it
8] Bump your posts too often (around once every 24 hours is recommended)
9) PM people with support requests, start a thread so everybody benefits
10) Start a DIGG thread, link to UF and start a UF thread linking back to the DIGG thread. Please keep the whole thing on DIGG
11) Ask to be staff.
12) Post how to allow root logins

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